Digital Photography

The following are a few photographs that I’ve taken for my Digital Photography class. Learning how to use my camera has been my favorite class so far. My instructor, Dan Dillon is awesome and makes the class interesting and fun. I’m not a professional by any means but am starting to produce some usable photos for my illustrations and graphic designs.

This is a panorama photo, manually blending of five photos. I would love to have this made into a lamp shade.


Requirements for this photo  was to blend a human with an inanimate object.


The following are reflection photos.

GPeppers-WetPavementReflection GPeppers-RingsB-W GPeppers-WaterReflection GPeppers-Reflection-Chrome Cutter-2

This is just a practice of doing black & white. I keep trying to capture a photo in a Ansel Adams fashion. Haven’t made it yet.


Hope you enjoy them.


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