Some of my Images

I’m afraid this summer has gotten by without me catching very many images. We’ve been busy building a new house and time is flying by. I hope you enjoy these.

It was a cool mountain morning, …
that Mac and I decided to go on a hike around Mclarty Lake.
Bouvier decided to investigate duck island,….

Geese on the Pond

Yesterday morning was absolutely beautiful so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. I haven’t taken any photos of our pond in the back 40 because after having it enlarged it looked so raw. Mac said there were baby Killdeer on the pond so I went in search of them. I never saw the babies but managed a few of the grownups. Also got a frog but didn’t know it at the time.



Hunter & Tuco wondering what I was looking for.

Hunter2Pond Hunter1Pond

After a while we went through the woods, squirrel hunting. On the way back 2 geese decided to check out Duck Island.

geese2 Geese1


Cutter loves to swim.

cutterpond1 cutterwoods

The sun was playing color everywhere. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Intro to Digital Photography Portfolio

Here are some of my Final Photos for my Intro to Digital Photography class. We were introduced to the big 3, ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. Learning to use white balance and the histogram have made a huge difference in addition to the big 3. Some of these you may have seen before, but worth another look. Since this was my final for the semester I tried to incorporate as many different styles as I could. In other words not all of my animals, but of course couldn’t help but sneak a couple in. I have some more to share I’ll put in another post.

In this portrait photo (requirement of final; one full body and one up close portrait) I had to remove a gate from the photo. Since it’s digital photography and learning Adobe Photoshop was part of the course I thought that was allowed.

GPeppers-Portfolio-Mac3 GPeppers-Portfolio-Tuco

Had way to much fun trying to capture motion with this one. Mac drove down the driveway in his ’55 T-Bird he’s resto-moding as I hung out the side trying to catch the wheel.


This one of the leaves in a creek I changed to black and white except the one leaf. I should have cropped some of the photo down  to more of just leaf. Again I was trying to show using Photoshop.


This one I was trying to capture motion. I love this shot of my paint gelding Joker.


I wanted the sunset reflecting off my tank in this shot. You can really see the clouds and blue sky.

GPeppers-Portfolio-Harley Sunset GPeppers-Portfolio-Covered Bridge GPeppers-Portfolio-63Impala-1



Now it’s time for my finial in Advanced Digital Photography. There should be more blending and light painting in those, I’ll share as I progress.

Digital Photography

The following are a few photographs that I’ve taken for my Digital Photography class. Learning how to use my camera has been my favorite class so far. My instructor, Dan Dillon is awesome and makes the class interesting and fun. I’m not a professional by any means but am starting to produce some usable photos for my illustrations and graphic designs.

This is a panorama photo, manually blending of five photos. I would love to have this made into a lamp shade.


Requirements for this photo  was to blend a human with an inanimate object.


The following are reflection photos.

GPeppers-WetPavementReflection GPeppers-RingsB-W GPeppers-WaterReflection GPeppers-Reflection-Chrome Cutter-2

This is just a practice of doing black & white. I keep trying to capture a photo in a Ansel Adams fashion. Haven’t made it yet.


Hope you enjoy them.


Have you ever seen this video of a mule defending his human?

This mule earns its keep and looks happy doing it!

Stacy Westfall Horseblog

I do occasionally get asked if I have worked with mules. I have not…not that I have anything against them. I have heard that they are smart…but this video really makes that evident!

This is one of those videos that shows a true partnership between an animal and human.

It would be an understatement to say that this guy knows his job!

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Learning Graphic Design-Continued

One of my latest projects in my Typography class was to create a typeface using any animal, using the letters that spell the word of the animal. I chose “Squirrel”, not really sure why but it seemed a good idea at the time. Next I chose a font that I thought was shaped most like a squirrel. (Use your imagination) I picked the font Cooper Std. Then using Adobe Illustrator, I created outlines of the letters and printed it out so I could sketch the animals inside the letters. The s, q and l were the most challenging.


After I made my sketch of squirrels and scanned it in as a jpeg file, then saved it as a psd file (Photoshop). I then opened the file up in Adobe Illustrator and let the fun begin. I have struggled using the pen tool but decided that was what I needed to trace my letters. So, I searched on YouTube and found a couple of really helpful tutorials on using the pen tool and layers which is very important. After a couple of hours of struggling I finally started getting the hang of it. The one thing that I couldn’t figure out is how to cut the inside shape out to create the “e”. I did a quick fix of creating a shape and filling it with white, but that isn’t the correct way. Below is my squirrel font.

GPeppers-Typography Design-Finish

I’m not really satisfied with my “S” or the “q” but the rest of the letters look pretty good. If I have time I’ll work on those before Monday, when I have to turn it in.