Intro to Digital Photography Portfolio

Here are some of my Final Photos for my Intro to Digital Photography class. We were introduced to the big 3, ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. Learning to use white balance and the histogram have made a huge difference in addition to the big 3. Some of these you may have seen before, but worth another look. Since this was my final for the semester I tried to incorporate as many different styles as I could. In other words not all of my animals, but of course couldn’t help but sneak a couple in. I have some more to share I’ll put in another post.

In this portrait photo (requirement of final; one full body and one up close portrait) I had to remove a gate from the photo. Since it’s digital photography and learning Adobe Photoshop was part of the course I thought that was allowed.

GPeppers-Portfolio-Mac3 GPeppers-Portfolio-Tuco

Had way to much fun trying to capture motion with this one. Mac drove down the driveway in his ’55 T-Bird he’s resto-moding as I hung out the side trying to catch the wheel.


This one of the leaves in a creek I changed to black and white except the one leaf. I should have cropped some of the photo down  to more of just leaf. Again I was trying to show using Photoshop.


This one I was trying to capture motion. I love this shot of my paint gelding Joker.


I wanted the sunset reflecting off my tank in this shot. You can really see the clouds and blue sky.

GPeppers-Portfolio-Harley Sunset GPeppers-Portfolio-Covered Bridge GPeppers-Portfolio-63Impala-1



Now it’s time for my finial in Advanced Digital Photography. There should be more blending and light painting in those, I’ll share as I progress.

2 thoughts on “Intro to Digital Photography Portfolio

  1. Great shots. Definitely more depth to your photographs. Joker was an excellent choice to capture motion in a still. Your male model seems to have a great deal of natural talent in front on the lense. If I were your instructor I’d give you an A. Thank you for sharing.

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