Graphic Design-Technical Illustration

I’ve been busy in my 3rd semester of Graphic Design and thought I’d share some of my Technical Illustration projects. I believe this is where I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned as a draftsman/Auto-CAD detailer. The first project is a isometric view of a bracket, which we created from a 3 sided drawing; top, front and right side views.


The turn down radius really threw some of the other students off and if I hadn’t learned drafting I wouldn’t have seen how it should go. I’d had to get so much help from the other students that it was nice to be able to give some help back.

Our next project was to take this isometric and create a Patent drawing. I decided to use my motorcycle as being what this machined bracket was for. Keep in mind this is not really a motorcycle part, just creating a poster. Also, keep in mind I’m not trying to infringe on any copyrights of Harley Davidson, this was just for a school project. I found a free blueprint background download and used a photograph of my 2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob. I then opened in Illustrator CS6 to add my isometric and text. After trying to create the effect I wanted and was unsuccessful I Google on you-tube and found a tutorial on creating this effect.¬†How to create a Blueprint effect in Photoshop CS6 by Altustek was awesome and easy. Thanks Altustek!


Next we had to do a exploded view in oblique, either 45 degree or 30 degree. I enjoyed learning gradients and applying to create the effect I wanted.

GPeppers-Exploded View3

The threads on the inside of the nut proved to be harder than the threads of the bolt. I also had trouble with creating a lock washer so, with suggestion from awesome husband, substituted with a flat washer. I still want to learn how to create a lock washer, using Illustrator and not just “eyeballing”.

Next post I’ll share some of my projects from my Digital Photography class (favorite class so far).