Learning Graphic Design-Continued

One of my latest projects in my Typography class was to create a typeface using any animal, using the letters that spell the word of the animal. I chose “Squirrel”, not really sure why but it seemed a good idea at the time. Next I chose a font that I thought was shaped most like a squirrel. (Use your imagination) I picked the font Cooper Std. Then using Adobe Illustrator, I created outlines of the letters and printed it out so I could sketch the animals inside the letters. The s, q and l were the most challenging.


After I made my sketch of squirrels and scanned it in as a jpeg file, then saved it as a psd file (Photoshop). I then opened the file up in Adobe Illustrator and let the fun begin. I have struggled using the pen tool but decided that was what I needed to trace my letters. So, I searched on YouTube and found a couple of really helpful tutorials on using the pen tool and layers which is very important. After a couple of hours of struggling I finally started getting the hang of it. The one thing that I couldn’t figure out is how to cut the inside shape out to create the “e”. I did a quick fix of creating a shape and filling it with white, but that isn’t the correct way. Below is my squirrel font.

GPeppers-Typography Design-Finish

I’m not really satisfied with my “S” or the “q” but the rest of the letters look pretty good. If I have time I’ll work on those before Monday, when I have to turn it in.


10 thoughts on “Learning Graphic Design-Continued

  1. About the squirrel “e” — and this is for photoshop not illustrator, you know to use the lasso to select the shape, and then just delete? The area will drop out. If that’s not working, select it the same and then go up to the file bar under “select” and choose “select inverse” which might work too. I’m just guessing, that is what I would do. Make sure you are working on the correct layer, of course, or it won’t work. I love the mule video, too!

  2. Maybe you’ve already figured it out after a year, but the trick for “cutting out” shapes in Illustrator is the Pathfinder effects. There’s a couple different ways to apply them, as live editable Effects or as static changes (using the buttons from the Pathfinder Windows).

    Anyways, I just found this the other day and wanted to say your squirrel font looks pretty great. I’ve got dozens of squirrels that dig up my yard, and I immediately recognized those scrawny little figures with bushy tails. Your arrangements are creative, and the word is still completely legible, not always easy to do when combining letters and pictures. Keep up the good work!

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