Learning Graphic Design-Part I

In my new adventure called college, I’m learning Graphic Design. After having many years in mechanical design & detailing using AutoCAD I thought the transition would take little effort. Let me say that I was wrong, no really, wrong big time. Learning new software, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator on the fly as they say, has not been easy. You can get to the same destination but you take different roads. AutoCAD (because I know it) was like taking the interstate highway, fast, efficient, easy. Adobe (because I don’t know it) is like taking a back road pig trail. Difficult & time consuming.

For example; in AutoCAD, to create a artboard or page area I would draw a circle, mark the center & use tangent points. In Adobe Illustrator apparently drawing a circle is doable, but trying to use it for reference is not doable.  The handles & grips are different, and editing is stressful. I’m not saying one program is better than the other, just different. It’s hard to forget what you’ve done for 20 years & learn something new, but it can be done. But it takes the effort.

The Larger the Island of Knowledge, the longer the Shoreline of Wonder.        Ralph W. Sockman

Below are 2 Typography projects we had to do. These were design to go in a Library, painted on the wall in a reading area. I’m sharing these because they are the first things that I’ve had to do in my 1st semester of college. Lets hope that by the end of 2 years, I’ll be a lot better.

GPeppers-Project Library Quote-1B-Final-3

GPeppers-Project Library Quote-2C-Final-2