January Snow in Alabama

We’re having a cold winter day in Alabama and thought I’d share a few photos. Looks like we’ll get up to an inch but south of here is expecting 2-4 inches. This is kind of bizarre weather and I’m ready for spring!


Joker & Gray playing in the snow.


These 2 crows look cold to me. Does 2 crows in a tree have any meaning? Good or bad?

How’s the weather where you are?

One is happy as a result of one’s own efforts. George Sand

At the age of 50 I’ve been handed the opportunity to “start over”. I’ve started college this week, something that I┬ádid not see coming. The company that I worked for 13 years, basically since moving to Alabama, went out of business. Therefore, I qualified for training so here I am returning to college. I decided to try Graphic Design so if nothing else I’d learn Photoshop and other cool software. As school progresses I know I’ll be sharing more. Right now I’m starting my blog on the advice of a friend that thought I had interesting things to say. We’ll see about that too.